Dog Training in Hamilton and Cambridge, Waikato and Auckland.

Let Darran Rowe, Canine Behaviourist help you to train your dog or puppy in a mindful way


Join the Online Puppy Experience. Take the stress out of the Puppy roller coaster ride, knowing you have access to everything you need, when you need it.
Video Tutorials and e-books.

If you’re having issues with your dog and are looking for Dog Training in Hamilton and Cambridge, then Mindfulness4dogs can help. 

We understand how some dog behaviours can be really frustrating and stressful to live with.  No matter what you do  – it just feels like nothing is working and nothing is getting through to your dog.


The great thing is we have the skills to transform bad behaviour into awesome behaviour. 


“The change in me and my girl I feel is incredible, it’s like I have a totally new relationship.”, Holly

Little Charlie’s training journey

Our Mindfulness4dogs techniques will help you to calm down and transform your dog’s behaviours. This will lead to a happier and more purposeful way of life for you and your dog together. Life with your dog can be a very positive and wonderful experience, working with us can help you to make this your normal way of life.

How can we help you?

If you want that more personalised touch, then our PRIVATE 1-1 TRAINING PROGRAM is perfect for you. These programs are tailored to suit your particular needs. These take place in the comfort of your home or at our purpose build training facility just outside Cambridge. 
If you have a puppy between the age of 8-18 weeks then check out our ONLINE PUPPY PRESCHOOL course. We also have various E-BOOK‘s available, some are free.
Our canine behavioural and dog training services cover Cambridge, Hamilton, Te Awamutu and Waikato district, we also cover the Auckland region on request.

Dog Training in Hamilton and Cambridge

Puppy Preschool Classes

Our Puppy Preschool classes help you and your puppy to navigate the first few months together. With a strong focus on understanding how to socialise your puppy the right way, this course provides you with the tools and practice needed to have a well rounded and confident puppy.

You also get access to our online Mindful Puppy Online Orientation course. This course provides instructional lesson with videos to help you through the first few weeks and to prepare you for the Pre-school Course..

Private 1-1 Dog Training

Our private training gives you the piece of mind to know that you have the right people for the job. We work with you to produce a program that will help solve your dogs training and behavioural issues. 
As a Canine Behaviourist and dog trainer, I’m able to look at the problem behaviour from all angles and create the most efficient, effective solution for transforming your dog’s behaviour, be it a new naughty puppy or an aggressive adolescent teenager, into a relaxed, trustworthy companion.

Training can be carried out in many different ways, from client/ trainer sessions, day training at our facility or Board and train for a short period of time. Training documentation is provided for all commands trained, and access to online training is provided where necessary.

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