Behavioural Consultations

Sometimes the behaviours dogs display are just that little bit too challenging for you to work through yourself. For those slightly more challenging behaviours, for example aggressive towards people or dogs, separation anxiety, territorial behaviour or destructive behaviour then a canine behavioural consultation is the best way forward. 

Consultations packages include a  total of 4 hours or training, see the 3 step process below for more details.

Total cost

The Consultation Process

Behavioural Consultations

1) Initial evaluation

Duration :  approx 1hour

Taking place at your premises, I observe and assess your relationship with your dog, your dogs behaviour in general and the issues in question.

2) Behavioural Session

Duration : approx 2 hours

Taking place at our purpose build training centre we will address the issues in question. 

Training will be demonstrated and the skills taught to you. A full behavioural learning plan will be provided along with full training documentation. 

3) The Catch Up

Duration : approx 1 hour

A catch up appointment, approximately 3-4 weeks after the behavioural session at our centre. 

We assess the positive progress you have made, and decide on the next steps for your training.

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