Building Trust and Respect through Dog Agility

Mindfulness4dogs offers training classes or 1-1 lessons in the sport of Dog Agility. Our agility field is based just outside Hamilton near Cambridge in our stunning 2 acre dog training school.


Dog Agility Classes

Free your dogs inner spirit and let them do what they were bred to do - Run, Jump and have a awesome time.
For adult dogs age 12 month and more.

What are the benefits of Dog Agility

Agility helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Training your dog to pass through agility obstacles will help reinforce basic obedience commands, improve the communication between you and your dog and ultimately help to improve your dog’s behavior outside of the agility course. 

It’s also great fun for you and your dog with the added bonus that you and your dog get fit and healthy. You get to meet great people and if you want to you can travel all around New Zealand competing in the numerous dog agility shows in the North and South Island.

Little Pixie has been doing agility for about 5 weeks here. Its amazing what you can achieve when you are talking the same language.

Why Train with Us?

I have been active in the agility world since 2004. In fact agility was the reason that I started training other peoples dogs. We have had great success with our dogs in agility competitions in the UK. We hosted regular workshops with top UK trainers at our Agility Club.

My amazing Tri-colour Blue Merle called Kukura Mohican Madness (opposite)  won many awards, sometime competing against 500 dog in his class. He was a real superstar and you can view his agility blog.

In the UK we ran an agility club with over 40 members, all competing at different levels across the UK. I was also a UK kennel Club qualified agility judge. As you can guess we basically lived and breathed Agility. Every weekend we traveled somewhere to do a competiton. 

But it wasn’t just Mohican, we also competed with our Irish Setters, and our other Border Collies. At the moment I have 3 dogs that I am training to compete next year. 



Read the reviews...

Darran has a canny knack of gettting right to the issue and pinpointing the behaviour that needs changing - then teaching you how. It means you can accomplish heaps in an hour or two that changes your relationship with your dog 🐕. Positively. Strongly recommend a one on one!
Ngaio Merrick
Would absolutely recommend Darran. He made me feel like anything is possible with my very high energy, over simulated Border Collie, Reggie.
The techniques Darran taught me have shown great progress so far and can see the partnership between myself and Reggie has become stronger! I can’t wait to keep training and see Reggie blossom using these techniques!
Sami Toombs
Reggie the Border Collie

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