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“Be the change you want to see in the World” – Mahatma Gandhi

Understanding the importance of good communication when dealing with dogs is the secret to pet happiness.

Becoming a good canine citizen in the community you live in is a must, nowadays.

As a dog trainer who take a keen interest in animal welfare issues, I take every opportunity to support those organisation that promote the education of correct animal welfare. There are so many different types of dog training theories out there at the moment, so its really important to me to ensure that the Force-free none dominance ideas are promoted successfully. 

I am incredibly driven to spread this Force-free message to pet dog owners, so that their dogs can lead a happier life.

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“Darran is absolutely fantastic with our new puppy parents. The early stages of puppyhood and bonding with your new family member are so vital to the relationship, and being shown how to effectively communicate with your dog from day one is so important. Teaching people about their new puppy’s natural instincts, urges, and desires and then how to engage with them to support desired behaviours is what mindfulness4dogs is all about.” – Carevets Rototuna


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