A Second Chance for Life

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It’s the sad truth, but many rescued and abandoned dogs leave their shelter destined to live a happy life in their new homes, only to find themselves back in the shelter 6 months later, carrying the trauma of having lost another supposed ‘home for life”. You see, they carry their sufferings with them from the shelter into their new homes. Often, their new owners, full of good intentions, just aren’t able to deal with the repercussions of their shattered lives. 

But let’s IMAGINE a world where our rescued dogs left their shelters worry free, without the behavioural issues we so commonly associate with them. Like jumping up and biting, pulling on the lead, showing food aggression and even aggression to other dogs. 

IMAGINE if these rescued dogs left their shelters confident and well trained. And what if their new owners were also given the training to ensure their new rescued dog could lead a long and happy life in their new home?

giving rescued animals a second chance in life

You can help us at MINDFULNESS4DOGS to provide the force-free training that will make the difference when it's needed the most.

TOGETHER we can ensure that our rescued dogs have the very best start to their new lives with their new owners.

TOGETHER we can ensure that our rescued dogs have the skills to make this second chance count and lead to a long and rewarding future.

All funds will be used to provide force-free, fear-free dog training for rescued dogs and their new owners or fosters in the Waikato Area.

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Often it’s those amazing people that support our rescue centres, by fostering rescued dogs for a period of time between re-homing, that take the brunt of the behaviour displayed by a traumatised dog. 

Helping  these people to provide a stable environment where our rescue dogs can learn new behaviours that are more appropriate to our society, work through their issues in a safe and relaxed way is vital for the long term outlook of are rescued dogs.

Making sure that we behave in the the correct way when we bring a rescue dog into our lives will drastically increase the chances of a long term successful rehome.  Getting the basics correct, first time, can make their life and yours a much happier and relaxed experience.  

Getting effective training that really works is so important for the successful integration of a new rescue dog into their owners existing life. This includes learning how to behave with children, cats and other dogs.

You’ll help to provide force-free and appropriate equipment to make a rescue dogs life just that little bit better. This may include a new harness, collar, and lead, and appropriate motivational and stress relieving toys.

Read about our success stories, so far...

Tomato (aka Tommy)

Meet little Tomato. She was found wondering the streets of Kihikihi some months ago. How long she had been there was anyone guess. Thankfully for her the wonderful people at the SPCA Hamilton came to her rescue.  

Tomato (aka Tommy) was fostered out to a very kind couple called Annie and Kieran, but it very soon became apparent that Tommy’s behaviour was less than conducive to being rehomed longterm.

After being contacted by the SPCA I stepped in to help Kieran and Annie manage Tommy’s behaviours in a positive, force free way. Our goal to make her the best possible version of herself she could be.

Over the next few weeks, and with some excellent sessions and follow up work at home, Tommy’s ‘naughty’ behaviours began to disappear and then, the result we had all been working towards became a reality. 

As a result of her new Mindful behaviours and a wonderfully successful first meeting, Tommy has now found her forever home. And what a wonderful home it, she has so many friend to play with. Tommy is one very special dog.


Kieran Barry
Kieran BarrySPCA Canine Foster
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Darran's been helping us with our latest foster dog, who's very sweet natured, but overly energetic. She'd been ignoring all instructions but within 15 minutes, Darran had her lying down and waiting on command - remarkable! After just three sessions with Darran, she's so much more manageable and learning very fast.

One of our training sesson address Tommy’s excitable food manners.

SPCA Rescue Tommy

Tommy enjoying everything her new home can offer.