Puppy Pre-School Classes

Your new puppy deserves the best start in life it can possibly have so start it the right way with our Mindfulness Puppy preschool classes.

Between the ages of 8 weeks and 18 weeks your puppy will be making behavioural strategies that it will continue to use throughout its entire life. Just image how sweet life could be, if all those choices were the right ones.

This course will set you and your puppy up for success, it will allow you to provide a force-free, positively enriched environment for your puppy to grow and thrive as it takes it first steps in this big wide world.

In conjuction with Precious Paws Doggie Day Care and Vetora Vets Cambridge and Royal Canin.

Jack the Puppy

Next Course starts: Thu 29th August @ 6.30pm-7.30pm 
Duration: 5 weeks, Price : $110

You puppy must be upto date with their vaccinations and worming to attend this course, please check with your vet if you are unsure before booking.

Gives you the tools to allow your puppy to grow healthly both physically and mentally.

Teaches you the Mindfulness4dogs tookit, which helps your puppy to stay calm and relaxed.

Provides you with the means to enrich your puppies life through socialisation, play and training.

Access to our online community where you can find all documents, videos for the course

What you need to know about Puppy Pre-school Classes?

Puppy school provides an excellent chance to develop the best start in life your new best friend can get. It give you access to expert knowledge and people. The first 18-20 weeks of your puppy’s life is so important, what they learn during this period will stay with them for ever. Puppy school sows the seeds for future training success. Continued education ensure future success.

Puppy school is an awesome way for you to learn how to behave with your puppy and to develop a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

Puppy school allows for an opportunity for your puppy to learn all about how dogs interact. Even if your puppy lives with another dog, puppy school teaches your puppy that other dogs can be all different sizes, colours, shapes. It will give him the tools to develop a balanced personality with a confident and positive outlook. Appropriate socialisation can help reduce fear-based aggression later in life.

Guess what? All puppies bite. This is not only normal, it’s really important to your puppy’s normal development. In puppy school we show you how to teach your puppy how to control their biting. Through correct socialisation and play your puppy will begin to understand the concept of what a soft mouth is.

It’s an education for all. Even if you have had dogs in your lifetime it’s great to be reminded of training tips for toilet training, teething etc. Remember every dog is different.

Proactive action is always better than reactive action. Puppy school helps you to prevent future behavioural issues like barking problems, jumping up, digging, chewing, and destructive behaviours. Teaching your puppy good manners now can save a lot of time and effort later.

Not all puppy schools are equal. Choosing a good puppy school is so important. Check your puppy trainer’s bio. I am a member of both the Professional Pet Guild (PPG) and Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDTNZ) so adhere to a strict code of ethics using only force-free, fear-free positive reinforcement techniques.

Clear communication is the key to success. Dog communicate in a number of different ways, so understanding this interplay of language is vital for you and your dog to develop an deep respectful bond.

  • Your puppy!
  • Vaccination certificate showing your puppy has had at least their first vaccination
  • A suitable Lead for your puppy
  • Collar (no check chains please)
  • Yummy dog treats
  • A familiar mat for your puppy to lie on
  • You puppy’s favourite toy.

Most importantly Puppy school is great fun for your puppy but also for you and your family.

What people say!

“Darran is absolutely fantastic with our new puppy parents. The early stages of puppyhood and bonding with your new family member are so vital to the relationship, and being shown how to effectively communicate with your dog from day one is so important. Teaching people about their new puppy’s natural instincts, urges, and desires and then how to engage with them to support desired behaviours is what mindfulness4dogs is all about.” – Carevets Rototuna.

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