Happy Birth – Day Puppies!

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Happy Birth Day Puppies!!!

Hey puppy lovers – the MOST exciting news ever…. Ruby and Shanny have given birth to their puppies. All are healthy and supercute of course!

Shanny gave birth first and has a slightly bigger litter. Ruby’s litter was born the following day. I thought that was particularly thoughtful  as it gave Rhea, their human momma (breeder) , time to focus on one set of puppies at a time.  It also spread the wonderful joy of puppies being born across two days!!

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It’s just so wonderful to see both mommas in their whelping pens with their little ones.  Of course Momma Ruby and Momma Shanny are both exhausted, relieved and happy  – their babies are having their meals and there is a clear air of contentment  all around. 

It’s such a privilege to see the proper living conditions and care being provided by Rhea – if only every puppy and its mother was given this quality treatment care. Quite obviously, Shanny and Ruby both have a clean and comfortable bed to rest in and care for their little ones after the strain of giving birth. There is enough room for her and her little ones. 

Ruby and her litter. 23/03/20

Shanny and her litter : 21/03/20

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