Choosing a Name for your dog

Make sure you choose the right name. This may sound obvious, but your training effectiveness may be hindered if you pick the wrong name.  The first thing you should do is write down all the names that you think are potentials.

If you have children involve them in this process, they are more likely to enjoy helping you train your dog if they have had their say in the naming process. Once you have your list, read them out aloud and add  the word ‘here’ to the end. What does it sound like, could you imagine yourself shouting this out loud in a crowded park? 


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 Look for names that end in a strong constant for example Ginger, Lemon. You can change the name of an older dog. Sometimes this can free them from any previous negativity associated with it.

The best way to teach your dog their new name is by allowing them to sit in front of you. Feed them a treat and say “Ginger good Ginger’ Repeat this as many time as you can. Connecting a good treat (positive reward) with their name will ensure that your dog make a positive association with it. But remember if you ever find yourself telling your dog off, hopefully not, NEVER use their name in the sentence. All that hard work will have been wasted.