UKA Agility Competition, Wadebridge, Cornwall. Saturday 16th August 2009.

Well the time had come I could no longer hold the little one back. Her first competition loomed. Luckily we were on holiday in Cornwall so I was pretty chilled anyway. Not expecting miracles as we hadn’t mastered the weaves yet I entered her for 2 jumping rounds and 1 agility round. Walking around the show ground she was really chilled and really keen to get started. At the start line she was oblivious to all the other dogs, she had one thing in mind and that was her doing agility?

The agility round was excellent, a lovely wait on the line and a terrific dogwalk, and she got the contact. More importantly she didn’t go under any jumps. There were a few times when she got away from me but she came straight back which is all you can ask. It was a really enjoyable run for me and the little one.

In the second run she had an audience, my wife and my other dog Mohican, I half expected her to do two obstacles and then run back to Mohican for confirmation. So feeling extremely nervous, I stood at the staring post with her. The first obstacles were a set of three jumps, unfortunately to the right was a tunnel and the little girl had spotted it and decided that was going to be the first obstacle for her. Well I set off one way and she set off the other way, not actually triggering the starter, but unfortunately the somewhat obscure tunnel trap had worked.

I suppose One in a Million and I relaxed after that and she ran a stunning round, jumped every jump and cleared the complete course without running out of the ring to Mohican. I was delighted at her focus and speed, and the look of joy on her face at the end reminded me of my first ever competition run with Mohican. I’m really looking forward to the coming years running this little girl.

Welldone One in a million.